Luna Assembly of God History

Luna Assembly of God started under a brush arbor about 15 miles south of West Monroe, at an abandoned farmstead, known as the old Campbell place, in July of 1922.


A young Assemblies of God minister, Rev. Arthur E. Taylor, with the enthusiastic assistance of his wife and sisters, Audie May Taylor and Eleanor Taylor began the work.


The Church was known as the Shady Grove Assembly of God.  In mid-1923, the Grayling Lumber Co. logging camp was moved 6 miles northeast of the church.  With travel as it was in those days, it caused a great problem, so a tabernacle was built at the home of K. L. Thomas, and the next year, the congregation gradually shifted to the tabernacle.


About 1930, Brown Paper Mill, Co. rented the Church some property at the current location for $1.00 a year and allowed a building to be built.  The congregation decided to be called Luna Assembly of God.  During the economically trying times of the thirties, as our men went out to war, the Holy Spirit never failed, and the congregation never flagged.


In 1940, the Church decided to build a parsonage next to the Church building.  In 1949, the first Sunday School buildings were built, providing a great blessing, since Sunday School was being held outside under the trees.


In 1952-3, the Lord sent an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and the attendance rose from about 40 to over 100.  In 1953, a new auditorium was built, and the old auditorium was divided into Sunday School rooms.


In 1954, the Church reached an agreement with Brown Paper Co. to purchase the property, and additional area for a cemetery.  The first internment was in 1957.


God continued to bless through the 50’s and 60’s.  Although the population decreased, the congregation remained stable. 


In 1966, the current parsonage was built.  In 1967, a new auditorium was built and was dedicated on September 1, 1968.  In 1972, a fellowship hall was added and in 1975, a Sunday School wing was built.


In August of 1995, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit brought yet another revival to the Church and the attendance grew to nearly 200.  From August 1995 to October 1996, the Church recorded 60 gloriously saved, with over 70 Baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of Speaking in Other Tongues, as the Spirit gave the utterance.


In January of 1996, a full-time secretary was added and the Church has not looked back since. 


Due to the tremendous growth, a new worship facility to seat 500 was built, along with an office complex, large foyer, choir room and more to enhance the ability of reaching our community for Christ.

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